Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Attracting Perfect Clients work in my industry?
A: This course is designed for service professionals.  I’ve tested the methods taught in this program in all kinds of industries – from life coaches, to real estate agents, financial advisors, even concrete block companies! These methods can work for service professionals motivated enough to implement them.

Q: Is this program suitable for people new to the business?
A. Attracting Perfect Clients is ideal for any coach, consultant or service professional who is not satisfied with the number and quality of their clients.

Q: Does the membership include personal coaching?
A: Unfortunately, no. While we are always available to answer technical support requests (i.e. “I can’t download this week’s lesson), I simply don’t have time to individually coach 250 members a month.

Q: What kind of marketing theory is included in Attracting Perfect Clients?
A: None. Each lesson will teach you how to apply one of the tested and proven methods I have used myself and with those I mentor personally to attract more clients.

Q: How many lessons total are included in the course?
A: Over the course, you will learn to apply 24 effective methods to your business or coaching practice to begin attracting more clients immediately.

Q: Am I going to be stuck with a long-term commitment?
A: Of course not. While I don’t think you’ll want to do so, you may cancel anytime by emailing our Service Desk through the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page for a prompt and courteous cancellation. But, I doubt you’ll want to when you see the easy, actionable steps in this training.

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Q: How are the lessons delivered? Will I have to remember another set of password data?
A: Each lesson is conveniently delivered by email, so you will never miss a lesson.

Q: What happens if I get overwhelmed or fall behind?
A: Because this is a carefully paced, step-by-step method for building a marketing foundation, there is no overwhelm: you take each lesson as it comes.

Q: I’m on a tight budget. Will I be able to afford the methods that you teach?
A: I know that budgets are tight when you are starting out or in tough economic times. That’s why Attracting Perfect Clients has such an affordable monthly price, and why each lesson concentrates on no-cost and low-cost ways to get more clients.

Q: Will I have to cold-call or use other tactics that I’m uncomfortable with?
A:  Never! Gak. Blech. Phoo. Ptooey! If I don’t use it, I’m not gonna recommend it to you.  Enlightened Marketing is about working from your center of joy. Attracting Perfect Clients may stretch your comfort zone but will always align with your values.

If you have any other questions that might be beneficial to visitors of the site (and yourself, of course!) please email me through the Contact Us page.

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